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by Diablo the Echidna February 27, 2004
Far, far better than DBZ.
Chibi-Goku could kick a Super Saiya-jin's ass.
by Diablo the Echidna October 12, 2003
What the mother fuck?
by Diablo the Echidna October 06, 2003
The GOD of 2D fighters. Don't listen to the fuckers who say we only like it for it's graphics, the gameplay is ALL that matters.
Guilty Gear raped Street Fighter into the ground.
by Diablo the Echidna October 05, 2003
A phrase made by Chipp Zanuff, an Engrish speaker.
Holy Zen! It's lunchtime!
by Diablo the Echidna October 21, 2003
1. Japanese animation, comics, pictures, or whatever, using animated characters, often having better bodies than real people, in sexual situations. Since anything can happen in a cartoon, hentai is pretty much limitless.
2. If you pedophiles over there ignore the fact that hentai is fictional characters who don't exist, it can be a good way to get child porn without being arrested.
3. Hentai characters come in ALL forms. Yes, even furries can star in a hentai comic.
1. Oh my fucking god, Kuwabara's "Spirit Sword" just went up Yukina's ass!
2. Dude, I just whacked off to Chibi-Usa hentai today.
3. Watch as Sonic the Hedgehog does it three-way with Tails and Amy!
by Diablo the Echidna October 20, 2003
A female rabbit's vagina.
Molesting a female rabbit is called "going down the rabbit hole."
Damn animal molesters, always going down the rabbit hole...
by Diablo the Echidna October 06, 2003
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