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Term used and designed by Diablo Aramburo.

1) Only to be used as a response for a question about: partying, studying, and or doing something in appropriate that any member of "The Crew", "The PPHs", "The Bad Assess", "The Gang", "The Guys", AND/OR "The Brownsville, Hidalgo, Houston and Round Rock Crew" would/could/should exercise.

2) Only applicable if it is NOT spring break. At such time, the "something in appropriate" is TOTALLY appropriate because IT IS spring break.


4) There is no substitute for FISB,

5) An individual cannot use it to negate what was questioned in place.

6) FISB, will only, ONLY, be used by the above mentioned group(s).

7) If an outside individual would like to say/use, FISB, they must say "hashtag" (#) before FISB in order to give credit to the creator and official users.
"Let's go downtown!"
-But, it is Sunday!
"Fuck it, Spring Break!"

"Let's study!"
-Let's go eat, watch a movie, and THEN, study.

"Let's have an orgy!"
- ...
- mmm, no...

Above example, denotes when NOT to use it... even thought some individuals would REALLY like to partake in a gang bang.

Another example that is not using FISB in its correct form:
Stranger: "Hey! Let's go downtown, FISB!"
Member of above group(s): "SORRY, NO! It was not used correctly. We were looking for HASHTAG! FUCK IT SPRING BREAK!"
by Diablo Aramburo May 12, 2010
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