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Migrate, bye. If theres a person near you that you don't like and your making your exit, someone asks you a question you just don't need to or want to anwser, ending a conversation or ready to bounce with your friends the best term you could ever use is... migrate, bye. Made famous by Mariah Carey from the song "Migrate" off E=MC2.
Heather: I heard you got wasted last night and hooked with the ugly guy.
Me: Migrate, bye.


Heather: Isn't that Joel over there?
Me: Migrate, bye.
by DiVa Dave April 29, 2008
A popular regular at a certain club. Often crowded as soon as they walk in and everybody knows their name. Seen mainly in the VIP room and on stage. Clubbrity's often make fun of others, are usually the loudest drunks and always like to make a scene wherever they go, hang out only with other clubbrity's there, they are all conceited and arrogant as well for the most part as well.
1. Chrystal is the hottest clubbrity in DC by far. 2. Look at DiVa DaVe walking into APEX, he knows he's a clubbrity. 3. Doesn't Michael just think he's a clubbrity?
by DiVa DaVe October 03, 2006

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