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1 definition by DiK_Hed

A particular bullshit fetish pulled out of Japan's lower intestine that involves fapping off to violence towards women being inflicted by men basically. It always has to involve a gigantic hulking 500 pound 7 ft tall short-tempered wrestler guy pounding the living daylights out of a petite 5 ft 2 inch 80 pound woman; no exceptions. & these cocksuckers that like this bullshit has the nerve to defend this atrocity. For all I know, these faggots probably have to use tweezers when they masturbate to this crap. all you ryona fanboys are fags. eat a dick!!!
*Zangief putting Chun Li in spinning piledriver*

typical ryona fanboy: moar moar *fap fap fap fap fap fap*
me: I bet your mom's real proud of you boy
ryonafag:*in a whiny voice* its just a fetish involving fictional characters
me: so is child pornography cocksucker
by DiK_Hed April 05, 2013
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