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Dfish on fish is Everything and Nothing at the same time. It is a noun, verb, adjective, adverb, pronoun, interjecttion, conjunction, and punctuation. It can also be a location, means of transportation, force of nature, and a universal term of any drugs. For that matter a universal term for anything. In number form it is infinity to negative infinity divided by zero. It is indirectly related to The Blue Orgy Theorem. It can be said Dfish on Fish or abbreviated as Dfish
Jeff: Dude Birdo from Super Mario Bros. is a man! It says it in the manual!

Tyler: No way dude she wears a diamond ring, she fukin pink 'n' shit and has a vagina mouth that she shoots eggs out of!

Jeff: No way dude in a game where you eat fuckin shrooms and kill shit by jumpin on them that feminine dinosaur could totally have a massive dick down there.

Tyler:Fine well just call it Dfish on Fish
by Dfish on Fish September 27, 2008
(First off, the Blue Orgy Theorem is a tangent of the Bubble Theorem.)

When people get control over these Pink Bubbles (mentioned in Bubble Theorem) every human wants a perfect reality, so they make their own. When this happens, everybody is in their <i>own</i> reality; everybody is seperated from everybody else.

Eventually, these segregated peoples in their personalized dimensions will come to the realization that they yearn for <i>real</i> human contact and cannot deal with the fakeness that they have come to accept. As these dimensions come together, they interlink and form a massive web of the overlapping of everybody's personal dimensions. This is called The Blue Orgy, because when everybody finally meets with another REAL human being...they have a massive univeral ... you guessed it - ORGY.

The term Blue Orgy can also be used as a greeting, but the word "Blue" can also be replaced with any descriptive word (colors in particular). When a word that sounds similar to "orgy" is used before it, you can combine the words.
Ex: Orange Orgy = Orangy.

<a href="http://chir.ag/phernalia/name-that-color/"> EVERY COLOR EVER - CLICK HERE (not spyware)</a>
Jeff: Wazzup Blue Orgy?

Tyler: Not much Orangy. Did you finish that hw?

Jeff: No, it was Dfish on Fish dude!!!!!

Tyler: Haha that sucks. Chemistry can be as confusing as a Wheres Waldo Orgy, ya know?


Jeff: Its Dfish on Fish
by Dfish on Fish September 27, 2008

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