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This word can be used in several ways.

1.) To desribe how much you enjoy spam ham.

2.) An sarcastic way of saying your pissed about your junk mail.

3.) Just another way to say "Cool" or "Awesome".
1.) Wow mom, this Macoroni and Chesee with spam is spamtastic!

2.) Matt opens his e-mail to find 4,294 new messages in his inbox. Sarcasticly he utters "Spamtastic".

3.) Kyle: I just found $100 under my bed!
Matt: Spamtastic!
by Dewit May 20, 2009
A certain word or code that people use to keep other people out of their shit. Alot of people are stupid and use their user name or thier own name, or even the word "password". Passwords tend to work about 70% of the time, but some crafty assholes can get past easier ones.
Welcome to YourSocialSecurityNumberAndAll OtherInformationYouWouldn'tAnyoneToHave.com


Jimmy: "Ha, no one will ever discover my password."

Jimmy's Username and Password:

USERNAME: Jimmysshit001

I don't know about Jimmy, but good luck trying to find out my password.
by Dewit April 28, 2009
An interactive online service offered by Microsoft for Xbox owners. People can talk to their friends, play multiplayer games with other people, and buy songs, games, and other goods from the marketplace. You also get to create your own avatar and customize it with different clothing and physical features.

Some of the down sides are that you have to pay for Live, but it's not to costly (Only $50 a year) and a large population of Live members are none other than naive and spoiled little 10 year old brats that think they are kickass at Halo.
Xbox Live is...well...live?
by Dewit August 09, 2009
Spokane is a city in eastern Washington with just over 200,000 citizens. The weather is nice and sunny in the summer, nice in cool in the winter, and we have one of the cleanest aquafiers in the world. Spokane may sound like a nice place, but there are parts of town that you should not even consider driving through, such as Hillyard, where you can't walk one city block without seeing a 12 year old buying meth from a school teacher. There are other parts of town, such as the south hill, where every prisy rich bitch buys their morning Starbucks before heading for the gym. In gerneral, Spokane is like any other american city.
Screw Spokane, go live in Seattle.
by Dewit April 09, 2009
Never Been Caught

No-Body Cares

Nothing But Crap

Nothing But Cleavage

Nico Bellic's Cool
Don't watch NBC, play GTA IV.
by Dewit May 19, 2009
Dewit is a compound word formed from the words “Do” and “It”. “Do” is spelled “Dew” due to the fact that many people like to drink Mountain “Dew”.
Matt: I'm so afraid to asked out Bailey to the dance.

Alex: Come on man, just dewit!

by Dewit April 14, 2009
If you see this BEWARE. This is the ultimate warning sign that your about to get a bag pulled over your head. (Scamed)
Page reads: WIN A FREE IPOD TOUCH!* Call 1-866-ITS-FREE

Hank: Sweet! I'm calling in for that!

At bottom of page in size 3 font:

*Calling this number will give us your phone number, address, social security number, and E-mail so we can send you spam mail and haunt you for the rest of your living days. Ipod not included.
by Dewit June 18, 2009

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