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A Cowalts is a different way of saying psyche, a possible psyche out, to be said at the end of an outlandish statement or decision. Can be said twice to reverse previous effects of a cowalts. (see Jibleu)

Can also under some circumstances be said after going for a high five and or props, and then rapidly moving away your hand. (the ultimate cowalts)

-Hey, i like your hair, COWALTS (meaning i don't like it)

-Man i really like your hair, COWALTS COWALTS (meaning i like it)

-Hey i bought you a present, COWALTS
by Dewey Swag April 11, 2009
The white word for Cowalts. Is usually only said to reverse the effects of a previously stated Cowalts. And if only said once, refers to the fact that you are not as sereous as you would if you were to be saying a Cowalts.
-Hey... um, I broke your computer, Cowalts!, Jibleu (meaning you actually did break the computer

-Im pregnant, Jibleu! (meaning that you are not quite sure and should not go all the way with a Cowalts.)
by Dewey Swag April 11, 2009
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