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In a first-person shooter game, one who stalks other players to steal their kill, typically with a grenade or spray of machine-gun fire.
Damn you Levi! That's the fifth time this game you scored a double-kill off of me in a firefight you ass-camper!
by Devon Taylor December 18, 2007
In Halo 3 (more games if this turns into a trend), anytime too many people are in the same room in a forge (map-editor), consequently causing it to decline into chaos.

This phenomena most often occurs when one person decides to build a map and forgets to close their party, or when a party leader tries to edit a map on the go.

Either way, through some combination of boredom and mischief, the other players in the room start rapid-spawning vehicles, weapons, deleting structures.. etc. until the forge completely dissolves into forgey, completely leaving behind the original purpose of making the map.
by Devon Taylor February 02, 2008

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