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My favorite quote throughout these "definitions" is "Malvern Prep is a bunch of stupidhead kids." Whoever wrote that must be one fucking retard. Devon Prep fucking sucks ass, $14k a year and you get SHIT. Waste of time when Malvern is only $1k more and is 50 times the school. Devon Prep is the biggest fucking waste of money and is full of devout catholics from downingtown. DEVON PREP SUCKS!! Disgrace to the town of Devon (which in fact bitchslap's malvern). I'd go to Malvern prep ANYDAY over this shit school.
Devon Prep sucks so much it should be called "Douche Prep"
by Devon Prep Sucks March 21, 2005
A slower cheaper version of a Mercedes or BMW. Audi's slogan "Never Follow" is contradictory considering the M3 and C55 are both faster than the S4- the E55 and M5 are faster than the RS6 by over 100hp, and the S8 couldn't beat a S55 if it's life depended on it. Bottom line- people buy Audi's because of the shitty resale and nice interiors.
The E55 bitchslaps the RS6.
by Devon Prep Sucks March 22, 2005

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