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Noun - bad breath due to excessively playing Halo over a course of 2 - x days.
Carson: "Hey guys, no one was on Live last night, what the fuck?"
Devon: "Dude, you gotta fix that halotosis you got goin on or else we will all die!"
by Devon Naccarato May 15, 2008
Noun - A very, very, very fat person. If fatty and mcfat wasn't enough, cakes really tells someone how fat they are be describing how much their favorite food isnt good for them.

Pronoun - Can replace he, she, it, etc...

Adjective - Describes how fat someone is, I.E. "Rosie O'Doughnut"
Blake: "Dude, look at that guy go!"
Devon: "That guy is suck a Fatty McFat Cakes. He doesnt leave any food for anyone else!"
by Devon Naccarato May 15, 2008
Adjective - describes how gay/lame/stupid/douche/etc... someone is

Noun - a fagot

The syntax comes from myg0t (see myg0t)
Zack: "Dude, whats up with Dan lately?"

Devon: "I know, hes been suck a fyg0t lately."
by Devon Naccarato May 15, 2008
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