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Hollister Co. is one of the best stores ever. All of you people who think that you have to know how to surf in order to wear the clothes from Hollister Co. just need to shut up. Anyone can wear those clothes whether they know how to surf or not. Oh, and the whole "everyone is a preppy ass bith who shops at Hollister Co.!" Uh, no. Not all of the people who shop at Hollister Co. are preppy. I think that Hollister Co. is one of the greatest stores. No, I don't surf and hell no I'm not a prep. Okay?
onegirl: ooh look that girls is wlaking out of Hollister Co., I bet she can't surf
othergirl: yeah what a loser, she needs to get her preppy ass self out of here
onegirl: I know! I am sick of all these effing preps!
othergirl: Yeah, her preppy ass can't even balance on the surfboard so she has NO right to be shopping at Hollister Co.!
by Devon Michelle April 28, 2006

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