4 definitions by Devon Knoll

To get absolutely, near-fatally, hilariously fucked up. See: annihilated
I was so obliterated last night, I woke up with a transsexual Thai stripper.
by Devon Knoll October 16, 2003
verb: to sit in a car and smoke marijuana, filling up the car with smoke.
We smogged out that car so bad every breath was a hit.
by Devon Knoll October 16, 2003
Get incredible, life-threateningly, montrously fucked up.
Man, I had 9 bowls of dank and 15 shots, I was annihilated.
by Devon Knoll October 16, 2003
Drunk to point of not being able to talk coherently.
I couldn't talk to this girl because I was retarded last night.
by Devon Knoll October 17, 2003

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