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Contrary to what some dickheads think, Avenged sevenfold is the best band on earth.

The lead guitarist is comparable to Chuck Norris
d00d.....A7X is teh best!!!!

fuck yeah it is!!!!
----------- -------------- ------------ -------
Chuck Norris and Synyster Gates once bumped into each other at a hotel. No one remembers what happened, because no one lived to tell the tale.
by Devin The Emo Kid October 26, 2007
Soldiers of Near and Far SONAF

an America's Army clan.

(woot we kick ass!)

the most 3l33t AA clan ever. don't fuck with us!
guy1: "d00d! i just went to sonaf.net! you'll never guess what!!!!"

guy2: "what?"

guy1: "i got to talk to all the best AA players ever!!! then i played on their server and got my ass handed to me!"

guy 2: "i know i was there....i'm in SONAF ya noob!
by Devin The Emo Kid October 26, 2007
because i told you to
Joe: "Jack go get me a soda!"
Jack: "Why?"
Joe: "BCITYT!!!!"
Jack: "But i live 3 houses away..."

by Devin The Emo Kid October 26, 2007
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