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Overpriced Macintosh clone inside a PC case. It can run Linux and an incomplete operating system called OS 4.0. It cannot run OSX. It costs way more than a high-class PC and it performs comparably to a 2000 PC.
I'd never buy an Amiga One, unless its cost went down to $100 or less.
by Devil Master March 09, 2005
Mastermind who is behind such projects as The Fourth Coming (an Unreal mod parodizing Duke Nukem Forever), the Gamma System Explorer (a simple space simulator set in the solar system of the old computer game Damocles) and Monolith (a remake of the old computer game Sentinel).
He hates MAME and is a great fan of Duke Nukem. He is noticeably the only 3DRealms UBB member to have guessed everything 3DRealms revealed about Duke Nukem Forever and at the beginning of 2004 he pwned Drazula by proving him wrong about the release date of Duke Nukem Forever.
I am always right! All bow to the Devil Master!
by Devil Master April 09, 2004
Common european currency used since 01/01/2002, its value is exactly equal to 1000 lire.
Italian and European politicians keep saying that 1 euro equals 1936.27 lire, but nobody believes them.
I used to pay 30000 lire to eat at the restaurant until 2001, now I always spend 30 euro!
by Devil Master April 09, 2004
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