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it can mean doctor phobia, dentist phobia(most common), optometrist phobia, psychiatrist phobia, orthodontist phobia, and any other doctors.
I heard Alisha chipped her tooth, too bad she has doctor phobia.
by Devil Kisses April 25, 2009
a word i just made up that means "unknown drugs".
Oh my God you gotta try this wahizzle i found! You'll be high for ten fucking days!
by Devil Kisses March 31, 2009
Fuck in danish.
Kneppe!!! I stubbed my toe!!!!
by Devil Kisses December 21, 2011
Great music to listen to if you don't want people to know what you're listening to.
Bob: What should I do ifI don't want people to know what I'm listening to?
Karin: Just listen to danish music.
Bob: Why?
Karin: Because americans don't seem to care about danish music.
Bob: Ok...
by Devil Kisses December 16, 2011
When you make yourself die in a game on purpose. Usually when you are going to lose anyways.
I always commit game suicide when I'm playing plants vs zombies.
by Devil Kisses October 21, 2013
fucking female dog.
Omg! Chelsea is such a ffd
by Devil Kisses June 22, 2009
Something you hate a lot.
I fuckinghate Nickelback.
by Devil Kisses December 19, 2011
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