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A slang term generally used by a confident man of "action" towards some punk ass frontin' bitch, as a direct way of callin their sorry ass out with an invitation to prove their mettle and step up, or GTFO.

It usually follows a heated exchange of verbal insults and/or threats, but can also be instigated by other means (e.g: girlfriend being eyeballed, etc.). Those that use this slang term adhere to the codes of "walking the walk, not just talking the talk", as well as "speak softly and carry a big stick". They generally don't go looking for trouble, but will deal with it without any hesitation or fear.
Hotheaded jerk: I don't like your face, and I'm a be like Dairy Queen and treat yo' hoodrat girlfriend right ALLLLLL NITE! HAHAHA! Damn son, and you just gonna be soft serve! LMAO!"

Icecold: Come at me bro.

*Hotheaded jerk lunges forward*

*Icecold drops Hotheaded jerk with 1 punch to the throat*


Bystander: Hey y'all, let's go get sum Dairy Queen!

Icecold: Aight.
by Detroit WHAT? December 07, 2011

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