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Pronounciation: Spa-nio-la
Origin: Italian

The act of placing one's penis between the breasts of a female and thrusting to acheive orgasm while taking a dump.
Ben: "I saw Serena was sleeping naked last night so i walked in and gave her a Dirty Spagnola"

Paul: "Ay Carumba!"
by Detective Scrote May 18, 2009
An ex-girlfriend/boyfriend that a person still has sexual relations with.

Originally derived from the italian "Vecchio Chiodo".
She is my Old Nail.
by Detective Scrote March 03, 2009
Sporting term: Poker.

The act of hiding a portion of your chips in a pocket while playing l Poker then going 'all in'. Then, after you lose, taking the concealed poker chips from the pocket and placing them on the table like nothing happened.
Paul: "Hey Pat, didn't Ben go 'all in' and lose just a minute ago?"

Pat: "Yeah he did but he's Nooching again."

Paul: "Goddamnit i hate it when he does that."
by Detective Scrote January 17, 2011
The act of forcefully placing your big toe up an unwilling person's back passage while yelling "Drinky-Poos!".

Can be used as an act of punishment for insubordinance or being an annoying twat.
A man is walking down the street when an annoying salesman tries to sell him a credit card. The man calmly removes his shoes and socks and proceeds to shove his big toe up the salesman's ass while yelling "Drinky-Poos!" at the top of his lungs.
by Detective Scrote March 19, 2009
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