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Chewing/gumming/eating of a standard manual writing instrument such as a pen or a pencil.

A pen or pencil that has been chewed/sucked on repeatedly.

Sometimes italicized when written.
Ex 1
P1: Are you going to write for the school journal again this week?

P2: Yeah. Writing under a pseudonym makes me feel like I have the freedom to honestly express myself.

P1: Are you going to use the same nom de plume as last time?

P2: Nah. It doesn't even write anymore. There's as much spit as ink in that thing.

P1: Ugh, that's some epic nomming.

Ex 2
P1: Can I borrow your pen?

P2: What happened to all of yours?

P1: My girlfriend's terrier got into my bag last night and went all nom de plume on them while we were watching Heroes.

P2: I think you mean "nom des plumes?"

P1: Whatever, just give me a pen.
by Desultoriousaurus Rex April 18, 2010

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