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a heavily electronic variety of punk rock often with a gothic/industrial, garage/hardcore, or melodic/pop feel.
Contaminated Records has a lot of synth punk garage bands signed.
by desperate psychenaut October 28, 2009
"LOL" is an acronym, formerly:
LOL := "laughing out loud"
Now, LOL is redefined:
LOL := "laughter ostensibly likely"
This indicates that, if the LOL'er were to actually respond emotionally irl, he/she is ostensibly likely to actually laugh.
(Two people in the same physical room, chatting online with each other via two different computer terminals)
Person 1: check out this lolcat --> {{link to amusing .jpg}}
Person 2: lol
Person 1: yeh right if you were laughing out loud i'd hear you dumbass
Person 2: no the new definition is "laughter ostensibly likely"
Person 1: o sry i 4got
by Desperate Psychenaut February 20, 2010
"lawl" is the vocalization of the acronym "LOL", but it is effectively its own acronym. lawl := "laughing at worthy lulz", "luxurious amounts of wild lulziness"
In rare circumstances, "lawl" is a contraction of "lacking an awl", meaning that your textual conferrer, had he an awl handy, actually would intend to poke your eye out with it.
Person 1: "i herd a rumor on the internetz.. that u tried 2 acronymize lawl?"
Person 2: "yz liek srsly"
Person 1: "dude wtf lawl"
by Desperate Psychenaut February 20, 2010
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