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when giving a blumpy the reciever (or blumpeé) donkey punches the blumper (the giver). When they're out cold, the blumpeé turns around and takes a dump inside they're mouth. when the blumper wakes up it is fun to see how long it takes for them to realise what is in their mouth isn't what it was a few seconds ago.

NB: do not donkey punch while the penis is in their mouth beacuse getting knocked out forces you to bite down hard.
last night it took jane 30 seconds to realise she was giving des a reverse blumpy.

last night i didnt know i was giving a reverse blumpy cos it tasted the same.
by Des Walker September 25, 2006
this has 2 famous definitions:

1 - after the completetion of intercourse, the male takes off the condom and immediatiately shits into it, mixing his dump with the semen already in there. he then takes a pin (or pencil) and pokes a small hole in the end. he then squeezes it so the crap comes out in thin streams. the semen added makes it more "milky" like chocolate and also more liquid so its easier to squirt. the normal place to squeeze it is over the partners face/stomach. Always good after a reverse blumpy

2 - chocolate made in portugal (the european country)
dave loves his portuguese chocolate.

des told me that he accidently got his portuguese chocolate over his pillow last night, so when jane came in she knew what had happened.

i wrote my name over her with my portuguesse chocolate.
by Des Walker September 26, 2006
derby county, england's shittest football (soccer) team.
they're fans are commonly known as "sheep shaggers" to all other respectable teams.
they also need to take their head out of their ass, swallow they're pride (little as it may be) and admit that forest, who have twice been the best team in europe are better than them.
even leicester city are better than them and leicester are bollocks.
"yeh its true derby county lost again"

"all those fans of derby county really should get their dicks out of those sheep's asses and start watching their team lose"
by Des Walker September 26, 2006

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