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A game where 4 or men strip down to their skins get their penis hard as can be, and attept to put their penis into someons anus with their hands tied behind their back while trying to protect thier asshole from being penatrated, when your asshole is penatrated you are out last man without a penatrated asshole wins!!
Tyler- So what did you guys do last night?
Adam- Well we started the night off with some elton john and rod stewart and then after that we had a big cock jousting tournament.
Tyler- Wow too bad i was sick who won?
Adam-Well me Peirre and Achillies were the last three left in the semi finals but those sly bastards talked before and decided to double team me so as i was facing Peirre Achillies snuck up behind me and jammed his big meat into my asshole thus eliminating me, than Ahillies won in the finals.
Tyler-Wow too bad i wanst there!
by Derek WWWAAAKKK July 05, 2007

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