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Another name for "Phthiris pubis", the pubic louse (crabs).
Joey had sexual relations with a dirty girl, and was afflicted with a nasty case of crotch crickets.
by Derek Smith May 09, 2003
1)Noun: Pronounced Deee Bomb. D-Bomb is short for Drill Bomb. Drill bomb is a term used to define the actions of one marching on a football field or mat for Percussion or Colorguard groups. The actions of this one are usually careless, nonchalant, and disregardful of any instructions given to them by staff, or any other higher authority. Should the event of a Drill Bomb neccesitate anger in other marchers, smack Drill Bomb with Colorguard flag or Drumstick.
"Take the next 8 counts into the "Death Spin"....What are you doing D-Bomb?!!!" "Dang, that is the 5th time you've gotten that part wrong!!!"
by Derek Smith January 11, 2006
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