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The poor man's Farrari. Not as fast, over rated. Anything older than a 2000 Mercedes looks like an old people's car. Farrari will beat it in a race. Farrari is known as the fastest car that's why people know it. Mercedes is #2, get over it.
Jon: You dude check out my Mercedes-Benz yo it's so "gangsta"
Derek: Umm..I bought a Farrari, it's faster and better than your benz.
Jon: Dammit.. your right
Derek: So I guess yoll be retiring in the fall right?
Jon: No what are you talking about!?
Derek: It was a joke dude, you drive that old man's Benz
Jon: O ya... damn I wish I bought a Farrari
Derek: So next time don't make a mistake by buying a Benz, next time step it up and buy a Farrari
by Derek Reefer June 14, 2006
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