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To destroy, or end, demolish. slang named for the history of the trechorous Mass highway Route 128 which has alot of fatal or near fatal car accedents (I was in one)
Sven: I'll 128 you
Tim: what happed to your oldsmobile?
Me: I 128ed it
by Derek Lucas October 04, 2006
Nickname for a girl with a perfect egg shaped head.
Me: Brandon, you still trying to hook up with omlet?

Brondon: yea I is.
by Derek Lucas October 04, 2006
A term used mostly by white people after diss. the person who made the coment declares "throw it up" and a bystander or friend who herd will pretend to throw up an immagainary ball. this will then be spiked with an immaginary racket into the person who was insulted face. usuly ended by everyone around yelling BOOM!
Zach: your moms fat, Throw it up!
(some one dose)
by Derek Lucas October 04, 2006

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