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Picture this your waiting at a bus stop and down the bottom end near the toilets dressed in the same shoes, same trousers, same shirt and same coat. You can't tell the difference betwean the males and females except for the slight diference in make up consistency. The females have 4 kilograms per square centermeter while the males only have 2. They hen proceed to walk past everyone in the bus station callin them "goffs" and "twats" simply because they don't have the same clothes on as them. If anyone so much as looks at them for over two seconds they assume that they want a fight and "start on them" as they say. They then get there arse kicked and stumble away shout threats about there brothers and cousins who are "hard as hell"
Giv ten pense how.... whatcha mean chav like im notta chav like piss of how you goff ya startin how ive gotta bruvva in tha aprison and he'll fukin kill ya how.......................Ow y'd ya hit me ow ow ow y ya kickin me OW
by Deranged Hobbit January 05, 2004

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