15 definitions by Der Capitan

1. To form into a honky.
2. To make suitable for use by honkies.
1. It's high-time that we honkify these niggers.
2. Someone should honkify Harlem.
by Der Capitan October 17, 2003
1. The 'audience', so to speak, of a programmer's code.
2. One participating in computer usage. Usually doing something totally unproductive, like looking at porn, playing solitaire, and otherwise generally not working. Bane of sysadmins.
3. See luser.
1. This algorithm is designed specifically to frustrate the user.
2. Sysadmin: Oops, sorry user, looks like I deleted all your projects while you were playing Freecell.
3. See luser.
by Der Capitan December 07, 2003
1. Past tense of the verb "to make", meaning, "to create, manufacture, or deign".
2. Can also, in a few cases, be used to mean "received".
by Der Capitan March 11, 2004
Derived principally from AKA, a shortening of the phrase, "Known as," rather than, "Also Known As."
It's that crazy guy, KA Shopping-Cart Steve.
by Der Capitan December 07, 2003
Contrary to apparent popular belief, the PLURAL form of the word "slut". Meaning more than one slut.
YES: Yo, dem's bitches just sluts.
NO: Yo, dat bitch just a slut, G.
by Der Capitan March 11, 2004
Well... I mean... I liked it.
I don't have an example for the word Gigli.
by Der Capitan March 11, 2004
Vegan pussy.
"Dude, dis you just say that you like Phish?"
"Yeah, but just so I can get some taco salad."
by Der Capitan December 07, 2003
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