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An event that when people look back, it may be either the highlight or the painful depression high school experience.

It may leave emotional scars for the pain one feels. Difference between any other prom, may make you feel sad throughout the rest of juinor year but, also senior year, until college possibly.
Three Possible Junior Prom Experiences Involving a Date
1. Had a wonderful time, dancing was awesome and my date looked beautiful/handsome, had a great time and will remember it for the rest of my life.

2. Went to prom, alone, ate all night, saw my crush having the time of their life with their date, saw them freak, had last dance, jumped into the limo with each other and God knows what happened, went, home drunk alone, till I puked.... But that's okay, I blame myself, maybe I should have been taller, less acne, more athletic, ECT. And she doesn't even like the guy/gal!
3. Stayed at home and wondered what my crush was doing.... Drunk alone, felt horrible, saw the prom pics... Died a little inside. And she doesn't even the guy/gal!
Junior Prom Rejection

Crush: I took him/her as a friend.
You:Okay, have lot's of fun! (Crying inside)

Crush:We had an awesome time, how about you?
You:It was uhm... great!
Crush:Who'd you dance with?
You: (lying) Didn't feel good didn't want to dance.
Crush:Ohh that's too bad.

Crush:(Knowing you like him/her) That's okay' we're going as friends.
You:Okay.. Have fun.
Crush:That's okay, I promise I'll hang out with you the week following prom weekend.

You:That sounds good, have fun!

About three weeks later, notice crush didn't keep promise or, talk to you much less.
You: Finally, we get to talk.
Crush: Yeah
You:So, what's up?
Crush:Nothing much.
You:Okay how was prom?
Crush: Fun, how was yours?
You: Uhm... Not so fun...
Crush: Well, i didn't take you because I didn't want you to make a move on me.

(What he/she really means... He/she, is taller, more attractive, less acne, more my type ECT.

Crush:Well, I don't like him.


Crush:Well, (sarcastically) SORRY! BYE!
by Deputy Man November 11, 2009

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