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3 definitions by Denver McAllister

the act of blowing across some guy's asshole while he's pissing.
Yeah I gave thie guy a blougan and he totally slipped and busted his ass.
by Denver McAllister April 22, 2005
2 0
Code word describing the act of going into public without wearing undergarments.
So, My underwear was too tight for my dress, so I decided to purple sock it, so I wouldn't get panty lines.
by Denver McAllister April 16, 2005
10 9
A guy who gives money to other guys in hope of possibly screwing their girlfriend in the near future
That dude, he's a total philanthropist.


That dude gave me $2,000 dollars so now I don't go to work anymore. He's a total philanthropist.
by Denver McAllister April 22, 2005
37 117