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"Load 32-bit word from memory or I/O peripheral"
Command in Assembler

Operation: rB <- Mem32rA+f(IMM14)

Assembler syntax: ldw rB, byte_offset(rA)

Description: Computes the effective byte address specified by the sum of rA and the instruction's signed 16-bit value. Loads register rB with the memory word located at the effective byte address. The effective byte address must be word aligned. If the byte address is not a multiple of 4, the operation is undefined.

Usage: In processors with a data cache, this instruction may retrieve the desired data from the cache instead of from memory. For more information on data cache, see the 'Cache and Tightly-Coupled Memory' chapter of the 'Nios II Software Developer's Handbook'.

Instruction type: I

Instruction fields: A=Register index of operand rA
B=Register index of operand rB
IMM16=16-bit signed immediate value
ldw r6,100(r5)
ldw r7,104(r3)
ldw r8,108(r7)
by Dennis Åhlin February 06, 2008
Jeans & T-shirt, plain clothing... A pair of jeans and a t-shirt.
"What are u wearing to the party tonight?"
"Nothin special, just going for the old j&t"
by Dennis Åhlin May 03, 2008

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