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1 definition by DenTheNorwegianWarrior

Juggalos are a group of people who are a fan of Psychopathic records.

We are not all illiterate. Some are I'm not going to lie, but their are illiterate people in most groups (unless you are in a group of geniuses of course.)

We don't all talk the same.

Ex. I talk like most so called "normal" people, and I think before I say something. I don't get why a lot of juggalos try to speak in ebonics.

We don't all confine ourselves to the music of Psychopathic records.

Ex. I know a Juggalo who listens to Screamo, and I listen to a lot of 70s/80s Metal. I'm listening to "Fight To Be Free" by Nuclear Assault right now.

We don't all dress the same. Some juggalos don't have any Psychopathic merchandise.

Ex. I wear a jean jacket with patches of metal bands on it. The juggalo I hangout with wears clothes associated with skaters, because he skates.

We are just like any other fan of music, but we tend to be more dedicated to it then many others. Just like Metalheads. Which is what I also am.
I honestly don't get all of the hate on juggalos. If you don't like us I respect that, but please have some manners keep it to yourself. That also goes to juggalos who talk crap about other people.
by DenTheNorwegianWarrior May 31, 2010