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11 definitions by Demosthenes

Man, that Ryan kid...he's the God of Maple Syrup
by Demosthenes April 18, 2004
Truncation of the last name "Skeoch" (pronounced "skew" as in "skewer")It is an uncommon name for hackers and gamers alike, but holds much value. Usually, hackers/gamers who posess the name Skeo are among the leet and do not have the ignorance (usally because they are too consieted) to directly signify that they are leet.

Other variations are:
T3H-Sk30: greets SG!
T3H-SomeGuy: Hey Skeo!
by Demosthenes May 26, 2004
See wicked. This is a variation of spelling for New England's wicked, meaning very. It is a pretty all purpose word.
That movie was wikkid scary man.
by Demosthenes March 27, 2005
When one becomes overexcited and begins spasming violently, leading to drooling and seizure-like motions.
Dude, he just had a torgasm.
by Demosthenes December 14, 2004