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1. n. A young, privileged woman known for getting into trouble that draws undue attention; e.g., Paris Hilton. (DELINQUENT + DEBUTANTE)
"Read about the latest Paris videotape featuring a French bulldog, a drunk bellhop and a bucket of peanut butter? She's such a delinquitante!"
by Demetrius Robles May 19, 2007
1. n. A straight male who is several steps beyond the fey, preening fashion-consciousness of being merely metrosexual, displaying an exaggerated concern for appearance and lifestyle so as to undermine his masculinity and cast doubt on his sexual orientation. 2. adj. exhibiting the qualities of being a homopolitan. (HOMOSEXUAL + METROPOLITAN)
"When Jeff started moussing his eyebrows with Matrix Ultra Hold, I knew he'd become a homopolitan."
by Demetrius Robles May 19, 2007
1. n. Someone who affects the mannerisms or habits of a bohemian, including but not limited to heavy smoking, reading of philosophy, as well as excessive rotting at coffee houses. See also trustafarian. 2. adj. Someone who displays the qualities of being a fauxhemian.
"You spent two extra bucks for a pack of Nat Shermans? You're such a fauxhemian."
by Demetrius Robles May 19, 2007

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