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not doing a complete job; bullshittin'; opposite of come correct
He was half steppin how he treats his girl. She deserves better.
by Delta Tango June 18, 2003
If 2 homosexual men are having anal relations and man #1 ejaculates in man #2's asshole. When man #2 farts, what comes out is SPLAM (mixture of shit and spooge). This doesn't apply if a man comes in a woman's asshole (the term for that is LUCKY MUTHAFUCKA).
Mr. Garrison and Big Gay Al shared mad splam at the Blue Oyster.
by Delta Tango June 18, 2003
a hand held digital organiser anything from the little ones that only hold names and addresses, up to full fledged computers including mobile phone and camera, does not include programmable calculators.
do you use your pooter for anything other than playing games.
by delta tango April 17, 2005
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