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A large production of a single piece of feces.
I'm have to go lay out a steak baby
by Delta Charlie October 03, 2006
A highly publicized and widely anticipated release for the Playstation 3, that doesn't actually exist. It is a fable. The unicorn of the gaming industry.

It's newest release date is infinity.
Hey man, did you hear? Sony just announced the release date for Gran Turismo 5, we're going to pre-order it now.

Other guy says, you can pre-order it right here.

*snatches $60 from the fellows hand, pulls out a lighter, burns money*
by Delta Charlie May 11, 2010
When you have $2,000 straight CASH on your immediate person.
Yo brah, get a quarter outta my wallet.

Shiiiiiit son, how much loot you got in here?

Aw brah, I got a nasty stack in hyuur.
by Delta Charlie January 21, 2008
Sixteen can be used interchangeably with "copy". Meaning that you understand completely.
"Yo d00d meet me up at my place."

"Sixteen" or "16"
by Delta Charlie January 17, 2008
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