1 definition by Dekarion Dekarius Demarcus

a person of mexican descent (beaner), who can be usually found in their trailer. They usually roam in packs ranging from 5-46 most likely riding in the back of an old beat up low riding flat bed truck with plastic spinners from the local dollar store yelling "dude what the fuck! Viva mexico!" in their stupid fucking mexican accents. They are found wearing wife beaters and g-unit memmorabilla (bling).
Normal person: Why are you such a fucking beaner?
Mexican (Usually named Juan, Jose, Julio, or JD): I dont know man but you know that they have a new crunch wrap supreme at taco bell for 66 pesos! And then we might have enough pesos to hit up the dollar store and buy some tamales!
by Dekarion Dekarius Demarcus July 05, 2006

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