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The prestige brand of luxury hotels owned by the French company Accor. Frequented by those with discriminating taste. Brings to life the French art of "joie de vivre" with fine rooms and appointments, classy French-made toiletries and a top-notch French restaurant in the hotel. Also has a really cute little gift shop, Le Petite Kiosque, that sells various French-made items such as flowers from Provence, and other must-haves the the discriminating Francophile. Also features a boulangerie (if you don't know the meaning, then you're definitely a member of the classe inférieure) featuring delicious croissants and other patisseries made by Lenotre-trained chefs. The hotel makes for a romantic getaway from the pressures of the world. The prices are high enough to keep the proles and petit-bourgeois types away. Sans un doute, mon hôtel favori. Au revoir!
When we checked in at the Sofitel, we were relieved to see guest clad in such haute couture such as Versace, Armani and Herrera. We simply knew we had come to the right place!
by Degust Snob August 11, 2004

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