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Usually used to describe an act of sexual lewdness where cum gets sprayed on a pair of Lady Gaga sunglasses(can also apply with other sunglasses)

2 Males in a 69 positon fingering each other and performing fellatio and the dominate male pulls out during orgasm and sprays the receiving male's Lady Gaga sunglasses that were worn during the act.
Phil totally fell out of the closet last night with 2 fingers in his hungry ass and cum on his Lady Gaga sunglasses.

He totally got Lady Gaga'd!
by Definition Geek November 12, 2011
When a "straight" man has anal sex with a gay man under the pretense that it is his first time. (see Jim the Nickel) However, is very experienced in the act.
Harold went home with that guy last night becaue he thought he was getting to Jim the Nickel but found out he ended up with Phil the Half Dollar.
by Definition Geek November 15, 2011

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