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Real Talk Right There. used in text talk. Said in agreeance with another's exclamation.
"Mayne, that bitch Silvia is fuckin everyone, she's a whore"
by Definer Things September 15, 2009
One who very commonly eats out, and is recognized easily by waitstaff.
Hey man, they just let that dude in before us and we've been waiting forever. He must be a restaurnaut.
by Definer Things March 07, 2009
An edited or censored version of either a song, tv show, movie, etc. that keeps in the word 'shit'. Doesn't have to be something from the UK in order to be a British edit.
Dude, I got this edited version of Thug 4 Life for my girl's kid, but turns out it's a British edit. She's mad ripped.
by Definer Things October 21, 2009
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