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A genre of electronic music that became popular during England's rave movement. Characterized by a processed 4x4 kick, breakbeats, baselines, and high strung synths and vocals, happy hardcore is the staple of any candy kid's listening experience. Drum & Bass also originated from happy hardcore and now are (ironically) anathema to one another. Where happy hardcore is known for it's happy, almost cheesy, lyrics and sounds, Drum & Bass is a much more aggressive, hard-edged sound that is a much harder pill to swallow, so to speak.
Scott Brown, Vinylgroover, UFO, Kaos, Ethos, Anabolic Frolic.
by Deep Space Evil 9MM April 29, 2005
A rapper from New York who has brought "nerd rap" to the front of the Hip-Hop scene. His specialty is that of complex metaphors and meticulous storytelling.
Songs such as: No Regrets, 11:35, Daylight, Babies With Guns, Drawbridge.
by Deep Space Evil 9MM April 29, 2005

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