1021 definitions by Deep blue 2012

A music video that has pornagraphic scenes in it. that is fucking, sucking, anal ect.
Look at this porn video.
by Deep blue 2012 September 29, 2009
A pact that women who want to get pregnant in high school sometimes make where they all agree to get pregnant at the same time so they can give each other emotional support.
Did you hear the gossip about that pregnancy pact.
by Deep blue 2012 August 14, 2009
A movement in which people decided to live out there porn dreams no matter what society thinks. Where people watch porn and then copy it in real life. Where people come together in porn festivals to act out all kinds of porn and live in porn colonys.
Think God for the porn scene movement.
by Deep blue 2012 March 29, 2010
Parents who teach there kids about sex by incest.
Dad:So you want to know about sex?
Son: yeah.
Dad:Go tell your mother you want to fuck her.
and that is an example of incest teaching parents.
by Deep blue 2012 December 07, 2009
Where a pregnant teen performs live porn in front of other teens usually in a secluded place. Because they don't have access to the places where live pregnant porn is being performed in public.
Do you like live teen pregnant porn?
by Deep blue 2012 October 19, 2009
The first part of your life that gives you the most pleasure and has the most meaning the rest of which is more or less just waiting to die. The part of your life up to college. There will be no more drugs,fucking hot women ect. and you have to say goodby to most of your friends.
"I'm graduating my real life is over. Now I will have to get married and be bored out of my fucking mind by fucking only one woman for the rest of my life. I will have to get a job I fucking hate and work my fucking butt off to raise some kids who a blame me for all the fucking troubles in there life!"
And that is an example of real life.
by Deep blue 2012 January 23, 2010
a sex position where a naked woman squats down on her heels with her legs spread and the man gets down on his knees between her legs and fucks her.
you ever do the squat sex position?
by Deep blue 2012 September 08, 2009
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