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21 definitions by Deejster

Featured on Chapelle's Show, Samuel Jackson Beer is a parody of Samuel Adams Beer commercials. The sketch features a loud, foul-mouthed Samuel L. Jackson (played by Dave Chapelle) promoting his own brand of beer while wearing Colonial-era clothing and puffing a cigarette.
"Samuel Jackson Beer! It'll get ya drunk! You'll be fucking fat girls in no time! You might even fight a nigger!"
by Deejster July 05, 2006
Somebody who frequently benefits from the generosity of others, but never returns the favor.
"Jerry's been living with me for a week, sleeping on my couch, watching my DVDs, eating my food, borrowing my car, and using my internet all day long instead of looking for a job. And so far he hasn't even offered to pay for gas or cook a meal or anything. What a sponge."
by Deejster September 05, 2007
A snack food popular in the southern United States. A moon pie consists of a marshmellow sandwiched between two cookie-shaped graham crackers, which is then dipped in chocolate. Moon pies are sometimes sold as "marshmellow pies" or "scooter pies" in other areas of the country. In Canada, a moon pie is called a "wagon wheel."
In the 1950s, a moon pie and an R.C. Cola was known as a "working man's lunch."
by Deejster September 15, 2006
Stereotypical home for the geek, nerd, fatbeard, loser, etc. The term implies that the individual still lives with one or both of his parents despite being a grown man. Reasons for still living at home may include a lack of drive and ambition, being unable to afford a place of his own due to spending all of his money on his hobbies (i.e. Star Trek figurines, comic books, and online role-playing games), or just plain being a mama's boy.
"Jeff is such a loser. He really needs to move out of his mom's basement and work on getting laid rather than spending every free minute playing World of Warcraft."
by Deejster September 10, 2006
A sweet, sugary, often fruity alcoholic beverage that is most often consumed by women and gay men. Examples include wine coolers, alcopop beverages, as well as mixed drinks like Cosmopolitans and Fuzzy Navals. Girly drinks stand in contrast to manly drinks like beer and whiskey, which tend to be strong and bitter.
Every guy should know how to make one or two girly drinks for his dates and female friends, but he should never drink them himself.
by Deejster November 17, 2006
Contraction for "but her face." It's a term for a woman who has a great body, but a face that ranges from less-than-pretty to downright fugly.
"Too bad Joan's a butterface, because if she had a face to match that body... oh baby.."
by Deejster November 13, 2005
The feminine equivalent of the internet tough guy. The internet sex kitten is a female message board poster who plays up her sexuality in an attempt in an effort to become popular with the male posters on the forum, and because internet message boards are often populated with lonely nerds, it's usually not long before she has her own following of drooling fanboys. Internet sex kittens will often exhibit any combination of the following behaviors:

- She'll claim to be bisexual and willing to participate in threesomes.
- She'll flirt shamelessly with male posters.
- If she's already in a relationship, she'll claim that her man is completely satisfied with her and that she gives him hot, wild sex all the time.
- Speaks candidly about her blowjob skills, or other sexual techniques.
- Admits that she loves watching porn.
- Posts pictures of herself looking into the camera with a sultry gaze (if the picture is from the neck up, you can bet that she's fat).

Ultimately, the Internet Sex Kitten is a combination of an attention whore and a cock tease. Lonely male forum posters will jump through hoops to win her approval, but it's rare that they'll ever interact with her outside of a message board or chat room.
"HottieGirl69 just started a 'favorite sexual fantasy' thread and already her fan club has turned it into a online flirt session. I'm getting sick of HottieGirl69 and all of her Internet Sex Kitten behavior."
by Deejster January 30, 2008