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Sci. name - Pussius Cuntiholus

Other terms - cunt, credit card swiper, minge, raw meat, etc..

A pair of lips that have been mysteriously positioned sideways as an act of disgrace by god, with the mustache placed in a normal position (referred to as pubic hair).

In its natural habitat, known as "knickers" or "thongs", Pussius Cuntiholus can be found internationally in the most extreme of environmental conditions. However, it faces extinction due to its redundancy, seeing as many penises (the vagina's counterpart) are finding means to release their sexual tension in car exhausts, grilled cheese sandwiches, and even in socks...

1. The penis was inserted into the vagina briskly

2. Man 1: "David is such a vagina"
Man 2: "I believe the term is 'cunt'"

3. I swear that piece of raw meat was vagina...my mistake
by Dee.Vee. Stewie March 16, 2009

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