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the act of covering another man's penis with his foreskin. It is a strictly cock-to-cock act where at least one uncut penis is required. Those who can participate in this act are men and hermaphrodites. Being gay or homosexual is not required, though it can make the act much more satisfactory.
Circumcised Guy: Hey, uncut guy, wanna try cock docking?

Uncircumcised Guy: No way faggot, I don't stoop to your God-defying ways!

Circumcised Guy: Come on! It'll be fun and stuff.

Uncircumcised Guy: No thanks, I'll only do it with another uncut guy. And besides, I keep lot of cheese in my dick.
by Deddie Makaca July 22, 2009
In America, known as the peach fuzz mustache and goatee that East Asians, Southeast Asians, and Pacific Islanders, who, unlike most men of American or European and some of African ancestry, pathetically attempt to grow. But, of course, this would be generalizing, because some Asian men can sport the full package either through a rare genetic occurrence or by a facial hair transplant.

In the UK, known as the terrorist-looking facial hair that Americans often associate with Osama bin Laden and Al-Qaeda. Otherwise known as the South Asian beard or the Indian beard.
Asian Guy 1: Man, I wish I had as much facial hair as that Asian guy!

Asian Guy 2: Yeah, you wish you didn't have that pathetic Asian beard, you chink!

Asian Guy 1: Oh no you didn't you SOB! I just haven't gone through puberty yet!
by Deddie Makaca July 22, 2009

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