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Word used as a mnemonic for every name heard. Coined by Jovial Bob Stine, earlier pen name of R. L. Stine. Often used with murgle
"Nice to meet you, Horace."
(blempgorf blempgorf blempgorf)
"It's an hour later, and I (blempgorf) remember that your name's Blempgorf. Er, Horace."
by Decaf Silicon May 12, 2003
The mumble used in place of one's name when introducing people whose names one has forgotten. Coined by Jovial Bob Stine. Often used with Blempgorf. "While everyone assumes they couldn't hear and re-introduces themselves, you can slip off and eat some little party hot dogs."
Hello, murgle murgle, I'd like you to meet my new friend murgle. I've got to run; those mini hot dogs look tasty.
by Decaf Silicon May 12, 2003
A bucket into which a man shoots his sperm, saving up a collection rather than inseminating his partner. Coined by students at Lima Christian School.
Onan, I love you, but your fuckbucket is keeping us from having children.
by Decaf Silicon May 12, 2003

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