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A person who tries to hard to be a Goth, or does not try hard enough. Resulting in a cross breed look of a Goth and an Emo with the greasy long hair of a Metal Head.
Wannabe goths usually have long greasy black/brown hair, over sized band hoodies, cheap baggy pants finished with disgusting shoes that look like goth boots but are just fake.
this look is then accessorise with lots of chains dog collers and of course piercings sticking out of their pale garish make up with various Emo styled eyeliner that seeps past the end of their eyes and makes a couple of twist and turns before finally drifting off into their hair. They are also very depressed unlike real goths whome are not depressed they are just stuck with this label due to wannbe goths.
Also they believe bands such as Blink 182, Bowling for soup and Avril lavigne Goth music Which is NOT CORRECT.
So if these people are seen please tell them to hang around with real goths.
by Debzy April 26, 2006

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