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A minor disturbance or disagreement. Smaller than a contretemps, larger than a snag, involving more people or things than a SNAFU or a stink.
Lawton couldn't understand all of the kerfuffle over the suggestive signage at Herbert's Sherbert.
by Deborah Robins June 23, 2006
A person (especially a child) with a silly expression or puckered up mouth. A person with a sour/dour expression.
Grandad called his grandson a picklepuss because he always had a goofy scowl on his face.
by Deborah Robins February 09, 2007
A non-committal, yet derogatory name for any particular ethnic group or person of that group who happens to be standing within earshot.
"Whenever a Humpty Dump pays by credit card, it usually turns out to be stolen.
by Deborah Robins June 23, 2006
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