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urban wisdom not always wise but good for use in urban settings.
I found the wisdomisms below very helpful when traveling to various cities.
When in New York never make eye contact or speak to strangers.
When in New Orleans always acknowledge the stranger (especially if appearing crazy) or they will approach you to find out what your problem is.
by Debbie Barnes February 21, 2008
1.an internet predator, hunting for the sole purpose of securing and capturing unsuspecting prey for one night stands of a sexual nature
2.person who casts a wide net on internet dating sites in hopes of bagging foolish or inexperienced lonely people to "love" and leave
3.person who repeatedly falls for the hunters and anglers in definitions 1 and 2
My friend has become an e-ho by believing everything she hears from some guy on the internet.
I met this e-ho on line and he darn near got me before I realized he was just a player.
by Debbie Barnes March 19, 2008

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