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People that are part of an enemy army and should be delt with like it. I mean that we should bring in the army and kill them all. That includes all gangs, Crips, Bloods, whoever. You're all going down.
What should happen to gangsters.

Gangster goes up to helpless kid.
Gangster: Give me yo' money!
US Marine with M4 walks up to gangster.
Gangster: Please don't kill me! Please god don't shoot! Please.
Marine shoots gangster in the head.

Any gangster reading this, this is in your future!
#scumbag #loser #terrorist #coward #dead
by Death to all August 16, 2006
A group that supports a Republic government. Contrary to poplular belief, America is a Republic, not a Democracy. Republicans are not racist, just because they don't hate white males doesn't mean that's the only thing they care about. They're not all rich either. Most are working middle class who have to work to pay taxes unlike lazy Democrats on welfare who won't find a job.
I am a Republican and have to live in a world full of hypocrytical Democrats.
#democrat #patriot #repulican #can't #think #anymore
by Death to all June 20, 2006
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