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1- If your a gay or a lesbian, then get a guy or girl and have sex with them.

2- If your striaght, then get a guy or a girl and have sex with them.

3- If your bisexual, then give your guy or girl, if you have one, one hell of a time. Hell, even give them a three some. If your single then first get a guy or a girl, or both, and hook-up. I'm not implying that you can't get a love. I just mean that you should find someone before you have sex with them. Only if you really trust them.

Remember, don't go out with pigs! If you know what I mean.


(Note: The word fuck is used constantly.)

1a- "Dude, I totally had fun fucking Sam last night."

1b- "Oh My God! I loved it when Jenny and I fucked!"

2a- Dude 1: "Dude, your sister was a fun girl to fuck with!
Dude 2: "What! You Fucked my Sister?!"

2b- Girl 1: "Oh God! I loved it when he fucked me last night! I just hope my bro. doesn't find out!"
Girl 2: "He'll find out that you got fucked! I mean they're the best of friends! He'll kill him, for fucking you!

3a- Lover 1: "That was great!"
Lover 2: "I know. I just wish that we didn't have to stop fucking."

3b- Dude 1: "Last was awesome dude."
Dude 2: "What did you do?"
Dude 1: "I hooked up with a girl and..."
Dude 3: "You fucked?"
Dude 1: "Don't interrupt. I fucked a threesome."
Dude 2&3: "I hate you."
by Death Rules! May 27, 2006

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