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1 definition by Death Asdf

Is a form of workplace bullying. Mobbing is harassment from a number of people, targeted at one individual.

Done by a closed and secretive society.

They would never admit what they're doing, but continue with the, "I've done nothing wrong" attitude.

They are deluded, and think they are fighting some kind of war, like a terrorist fighting a holy war.

Don't worry about knowing what their agenda is. Their point is to simply ruin lives.

Don't expect answers from them.

They're simply zealous missionaries for some cause.

You can't reason with a fanatic. And that's exactly what people who take part in mobbing are.

You may have attacked one of their members, and they'll get you back. And they won't allow it to end.

People who are consistent bullies are psychopaths.

They don't care to understand that their actions are morally and legally wrong.

If anybody were to ask how things are between you and them, they'd make it appear as though things are fine.
Some mobbing was going on in the workplace. Jill let everyone know who they were, and exactly what they were doing.

Joe realized that there were people mobbing him at every job he started.

Mobbing was the cause of Mary losing her job.

The psychopaths who were mobbing were harassing Tim, and trying to ostracize him from the others.
by Death Asdf December 19, 2012
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